Don’t Throw Away Your Favorite Heels

Don’t Throw Away Your Favorite Heels

We specialize in repairing women’s shoes

Women’s shoes and men’s shoes are made differently, so they’re mended differently. Choose a shoe repair company that knows how to fix the shoes you wear.

Tharpe's Boot & Shoe Repair is a women-operated shoe repair business in Killeen, TX. We understand the shoe problems unique to women—snapping a heel, for instance—and we provide reliable solutions.

Contact us today for quality shoe repairs.

You deserve stylish shoes that fit

Maybe the soles of your shoes are slippery, or maybe one of your heels has broken off. Maybe your stilettos hurt your feet and you need relief. If you’re not eager to part with your favorite pair of shoes, you don’t have to.

Tharpe's Boot & Shoe Repair can mend your shoes and make them comfortable again. We can:

  • Stretch your shoes
  • Repair your soles
  • Replace your broken or damaged heels
  • Replace your broken shoe zippers, buckles and elastic

Want to add a designer touch to bland shoes? We can paint the bottoms of your heels to make your shoes look like red-bottomed stilettos. Stop by Tharpe's Boot & Shoe Repair today.